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Strategic Overview

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Our Purpose

Central and North West Queensland Medicare Local exists to facilitate and connect rural and remote health services to meet local needs.

Our Values

At Central and North West Queensland Medicare Local, our people make a real difference as they:
C. co-ordinate quality care with creative leadership.
A. are accountable.
R. respect and recognise others.
E. always do the right thing because of their ethics.

Our Vision

Healthier Communities.

Operating Principles

  • Commitment to Primary Health Care principles.
  • Working in partnership.
  • Genuine collaboration & cooperation.
  • Participation including cultural relevance.
  • Rural health advocacy.
  • Enabling health system change.

Strategic Priorities

  1. To meet all expectations and requirements in the Medicare Local contract.
  2. To complete a high level population analysis (need) to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health spending and service delivery.
  3. Developing strategies to advance comprehensive primary health care including:
    • Public and Private Services.
    • Workforce Recruitment and Retention
      Including, supporting and partnering with relevant providers, and promoting health as a career.
    • High Quality Health Care
      Including health promotion, builing quality outcomes, developing a preventative focus and empowering to assume responsibility for their own health care.
    • Lead Solutions
    • Form strong and Effective Collaborations
    • Be a 'non profit' organisation that operates through a 'for profit' approach to ensure Central and North West Queensland Medicare Local is effective and efficient to profit our communities who are our shareholders.